Thursday, April 28, 2011

Analysis of The Scene Queen

I've been analyzing this Scene Queen Pedophilia thing all day, and I think I've uncovered a genius  marketing scheme that exploits young girls' need for attention and a feeling of cultural relevance.   Applying my understanding of evolutionary biology, psychology, pornography, and marketing, I feel like I may have some solid answers to the formerly perplexing question of "What the f*ck is this sh*t??".

   I will begin by tackling the question of why these girls' appearances are so, seemingly, conflicted (i.e. the infantilizing accessories and clothing, carrying around stuffed animals and playing with Hello Kitty crap, but in harsh contrast, wearing loads of eye make-up and often having facial piercings).

    To start with; whether they understand it in it's entirety or not, these Scene Queens are conforming to  the known  ideal associated with males' biological desire to mate with healthy and fertile females.  Men are sexually attracted to younger females, because they are more likely to be healthy and fertile.  This brings me to a concept known as "babyfaceness".

    Studies at universities in both Germany and the US found that when given a range of digitally altered images of the same face, males preferred the faces that had more childlike features (a large rounded forehead, large round eyes, a small nose, and small chin).  These findings simply support the theory that males are evolutionarily inclined to be more attracted to younger females.  For the full story of The Science Of Attraction, follow the link:

    This explains both the reason for the over sized quaff, and the heavy eye make up.  The large head of hair gives the illusion of a smaller chin.  By covering their foreheads with thick bangs, and teasing the hell out of their hair, it makes the upper region of their head appear much larger than the lower portion, simply by contrast (i.e. mimicking the symptoms of "babyfaceness").   The reason for the heavy eye make-up is that it helps to give the appearance of larger eyes.  Additionally, it obscures most of the eye area, which is where young women begin to show signs of aging first (dark circles, bags, wrinkles).

  Next we will assess the Hello Kitty and stuffed animal crap...  The bright colors, obviously, draw the eye,  but are also associated with the way that we culturally dress our children.  In pornographic films and images (the ones geared towards male who are looking for "hot petite teens xxx") you will often find that the females will be wearing brightly colored plastic bead jewelry, or cute brightly colored socks.  This part is simple.  They wear childrens' clothing and accessories in order to appear more similar to what we, culturally, consider to be a child.

  The reason for the facial piercings only serves to say, "I am a naughty girl, and I do naughty things".  It gives the onlooker permission to view them in an "adult" manner.  Its that simple.

   Well, I still feel 100% uncomfortable with this creepy Scene Queen thing, but kudos to the horny old bastard who thought it up, and somehow got it to become trendy to appeal to pedophiles.  

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