Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paper Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Hat Large
Bonjovi Cowboy Hat
Strawcowboyhat Net Straw Cowboy Hat Kenny Chesney Sinature Cowboy Hat Palm Leaf Straw
US Cowboy
Cowboy Hat
Paper Cowboy Hat
Leather Cowboy Hat FS2 A3

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dress Fashion 2010

Luxury Party Dress
Elegant Yellow Dress
Georgewu Winter Clothing 2010
Green Fashion Everlasting Hope Harem Pant
Jettoman Fashion
Spring Maxi Dress
Garden Party Dress
Heart Truth Celebrity Fashion Show Image
Street Style

watermelon popsicle

Acne silk shorts, Gina Tricot blouse, Massimo Dutti shoes and ASOS bag

Last week eating Japanese watermelon popsicle with the boy and enjoying what turned out to be one of the last warm and sunny days of August.

fashion 2010

Has been the trend that has stepped on more strongly in recent parades: brightness around the eye with an iridescent glow. Forget about the smoky eyes and gives way to bright!

Although in principle easier to carry, this requires makeup, however, a certain skill. The golden rule is to highlight the eyes, first cover the eyelid with a neutral mobile clear (an anti-dark circles can work very well) to flush the lashes to brow.

Then with a brush or foam sticks, apply... a pearly shade in pastel colours (sky blue, pink, mauve or green) around the eye, from the inside to outside, from top to bottom. You have to have the light hand!
Then another shadow powder applied in the same tone but somewhat darker (and less iridescent) only on the mobile eyelid.

For the brightness, apply a touch of pearly white in the middle of the upper lid, flush with the tabs, that is a must in 2010 fashion.

To avoid: colour masks. Choose a better “false black, softer than a black: colour plum, brown or navy blue. That is 2010 fashion. Nor do you get a lipstick that highlights a lot. It is best if you prefer a gloss (but does not glitter, it would be excessive).

The new Brawn for the shower

Now you can pluck at the shower thanks to Braun

Braun introduces the latest ...in hair: the Silk-Epil Xpressive Wet & Dry, ¡to use both outside and inside the shower!

This novel epilator leaves your skin soft and silky. Since you can also be used while we shower, pluck it’s much more pleasant thanks to the water for its soothing, comfortable and easy to the skin.

Result: Smooth skin for 4 weeks and less pulling and irritation, ¡look for skin imperfections in fashion 2009!

Thanks to your system eliminates Hair lift hair up to 7 times shorter than the wax. Its flexible pivoting head with 40 tweezers reaches an angle of 15 degrees which is perfectly adapted to the contour of the body to withdraw until the last hair.

2009 fashion customization

Customization is the art of appropriate clothing, to give a little personal touch. Although some are true experts in ...the field of personalization, we must know the basis to start playing styles. How to recycle your old t-shirt? Then we give you all the tricks for the style back to a basic shirt.

Appropriate material

- A basic white cotton shirt or colour. You can also retrieve your shirts without sleeves or straps of cotton.
- Thread for sewing needles of different sizes.
- Pearls of rock, strass, badges, and locks.
- Scissors.
- A cup.
- A cutter.

I. Small ideas, big impact style fashion 2009

Given a small change to our clothes? As true stylists, looks original to imagine a cotton T-shirt as a basis.
- A vintage T-shirt: And if we give it a style “used” on our shirt? Simply add a soft colour and lots of salt for dyeing a bit faded. To touch the aged, paste in the English shields.
- A T-shirt 80’s: All the fans we look at Madonna’s “Finding Susan desperately.” T-shirts cut skirt with lace, pearl necklaces … It is easy to achieve. Simply sew pieces of lace on the shirt, for example in the sleeves, and white beads on her neck, as if carrying a necklace of several laps.
- A shirt glamorous and ethnic beads are strung, like when you were on vacation! To your taste, an African style with colourful beads or even a more glamorous style sewing beads metallic rock. Forget the pearls iridescent. In both cases, well together and put them in line at the edge of the collar or sleeves.

II. Touch for fashion 2009

I love the shirt printed. The problem is that you will not either measure. Whether you go small if you go big, you can adjust it easily.

- Cut the neck or the sleeves: The old shirt of your husband that you love can be transformed quickly into a dress-shirt. Just have to adjust it to make it more feminine.
- Bigger: Simply cut the inner and outer seams, and add a small strip of cloth (preferably the original lace or silk) and fix it between the seams.
-smaller: If it’s too long, do not look too much. The trick is to get the seams and adjust like a bra. Remove the inner and outer seams before cutting closer to the body.
You can also entertain doing transfers with embossed pictures, covers album…

Channel Cruise Collection

Inspired by the Venetian high society of the 30s, the Chanel cruise 2010 collection designed by... Karl Lagerfeld struck again.
The collection was presented precisely in Venice, with the catwalk with their backs to the sunset on the beach, accompanied by a slight breeze. The collection was inspired by Coco Chanel’s visits to Venice, where he promoted the famous beach collection.
Ethereal chiffon dresses, jackets with fringed edges, nautical stripes and rich reds are the main features of the collection. This time, Lagerfeld did not overwhelm with their classic black and white, but introduced other colours and shades that add interest to the show.
A romantic collection.

Dress Up Fashion

Elegant Blue Dress
Silk Dress Garment
Clothing Shoes Accessories Dress Up Fashion
Pink Elegant Dress
Sexy_Black Chic Empire Line Balloon Dress With Bow
Kknight Ley
Blanco Autumn Winter 2009-2010 Collection Dress Up Fashion
Dress Up Fashion Benetton and Its Autumn Winter 2009-2010 Collection
Dot Wears a Dress
IFB Dress Up Party

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gothic Lolita Fashion in the U.S.

Blog #5While reading, Kawamura's "Japanese Teens as Producers of Street Fashion," I found the section about gothic lolitas kind of relatable. I must admit, I went through a gothic lolita phase for a bit. It started in middle school when I was exposed to Japanese Rock. Even though I was really into gothic lolita, I actually started to wear it in my second year of college. My friend helped me make

Consuming Orientalism

Cindy ShuaiBlog #5Kim and Chung. “Consuming Orientalism: Images of Asian/American Women in Multicultural Advertising.”Harry M. Benshoff and Sean Griffin. "America on Film: representing race, class, gender, and sexuality at the movies""Cute Asian Girls" http://www.iphonebot.com/iphone-apps/lifestyle/cute-asian-girls/ In the article of "Consuming Orientalism," Kim and Chung wanted to explore

Consume this and that

According to Yuniya Kawamura, "the model of modern-day consumption originated in pre-revoluntionary court life, especially that of Louis XIV of France (1638-1715) who was known as 'the consumer king'" (Kawamura 90). Louis XIV of France had consumed items to display his political power to others, not just to show off his wealth. Louis XIV is the model who began consumer culture as a way for people

Parallels Between Shibuya Salesgirls & Fashion Bloggers

(Fashion Blogger: Susie Bubble of Style Bubble, image via Refinery29)“Japanese Teens as Producers of Street Fashion” cites Shibuya 109 salesgirls as trendsetters, who have power over their peers -- “the salesgirls are so influential in setting the new trends that the teens would buy the exact same outfit that the salesgirl is wearing.” Furthermore, many salesgirls “contribute to the buying of


Korea Style Beautiful Hat and Long Hair Styles in Winter
Elegant Hat
Korea Style Beautiful Hat
Beautiful Hat and Long Hair Styles
The Most Unique Hat
Multi Function of Hat
Purple Wool Hat
July10 Smith Hat
Colorful Hats Flower
Brown Sinamay Pop Up
Stock Photo Woman is Posing in a Beautiful Hat