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Knockoff Shmockoff

When I studied abroad in London, my mom offered to let me borrow her giant Louis Vuitton duffle bag for me to use as luggage. Of course I was stoked--bringing a huge LV bag to London could only boost the look of my outfits with its overly exposed monograms and handles that give your hands blisters after just walking a few blocks. So I used the bag painfully, yet proudly, the entire quarter:

My Sweet Nike.. you bastards. Week 4

Retail corporations generally bring in large amounts of profit. Nike, Levi, and toy distributors especially fair extremely well in today's American consumer culture. Always marketing to a younger demographic, these companies, as well as others, are able to sometimes charge ridiculous prices for items such as sneakers, jeans, and games. Usually produced cheaply, clothing and apparel industry can

Blog #5: Santa's Sweatshop

Santa's Sweatshop week #5 Mason Mallory

Labor conditions have been something UC Davis students, as well as students around the country have become aware of ever since high school. Altough it's only touched briefly upon and so late in our learning lives, it's truly amazing to see how most everything material that we consume is produced in another country. What we take for granted is the fact that the United States is an outsourcinng

Journal 5: Team Sweatshop by Tien Dang

Walmart is one of the greatest business known to the American society. All mom and pop shops no longer exist because Walmart provides such cheap prices that entice consumers. However, how is it possible for Walmart to have such low prices for consumers? The answer is simple: sweatshops.Sweatshop is not just practiced by Walmart however. It is a widely practiced concept among the marketing

Making the Invisible Visible

If it LOOKS the LOOK then it is therefore the LOOK!

As we have discussed in class, the process of mimicking is happening all around the world. Moreover, "with the introduction of advanced technology and production capabilities," it is a common act for the general public as a way to gain access to the higher-class and its fashion. Since appearances is central to social class status, it is essential that mimicking will serve to solidify the

Piracy is it a problem?

Every time I read something negative about piracy it is always about "how the industry is suffering, due to piracy." I have no doubt that piracy has negative effects, but to claim it will negatively affect an entire industry? I'm not so sure I'll buy that, in fact I probably wouldn't even pirate it.Decker argues that "unless the anti-counterfeit message is heard, public health and safety of

Can you spot the fake? Post # 5

Lets face it...we're all guilty of buying knockoffs.... heck i have a pair of knockoff converse, vans, and a Le Sport Sac bag that my grandma got me from the Philippines. To be frank, i don't really care about whether if an item is real or fake as long as it works, lasts me, and looks good. There are certain items that can pass off as the real things, but there are some that just don't. However,

Santa's Sweatshop

Holstein et al. put it best when they explained, "In an era when the economy is necessarily a global one, it is impossible for consumers to avoid products made under less than ideal labor conditions" (153). Personally, I think it would be counterintuitive to point a finger at just one company for their exploitation of sweatshop workers, when in reality, almost everything that an individual owns

Is it Real or Fake?

It's amazing how knockoffs are starting to look more and more like the authentic high end goods. According to Melissa A. Decker in "'Knockouts of Knockoffs',..." "improvements in technology have taken the skill out of manufacturing to the extent that it is almost impossible to differentiate between knock-offs and genuine goods when they are right besides each other," (Decker 5). Unfortunately,


Okay let us begin early this time, since every other blog posting I have made in this class has been made on the fly, right before the deadline, or I hope it made the deadline. So bear with me as I get my thoughts in order. So first point the topic of Counterfeiting in fashion is discussed in the readings, and well since it is the topic of my group’s research project I should go over a bit of it

Blind Consumers in Counterfeit Fashion

Several years ago my brother bought a pair of Air Jordan XIII from eBay. While eBay has been a reliable source when it comes to buying items especially clothing such as shoes, but unfortunately, he was a victim of buying a counterfeit shoe. This was first identified when a family friend took notice of it and much to his disbelief and embarassment it was true. The incident didn't harm my

Global Sweatshops

Maybe this has partly to do with my class project: counterfeit production, but I really like the article on “Santa’s Sweatshops.” . People have known about horrible working conditions of underpaid workers for a long time. But, it’s quite bothersome that this still exists. The loopholes company (developing and developed countries alike) use to continue these cheap productions is not


Christian Dior Spring 2010 Haute Couture Backstage

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Made in...?!?!?

Have you ever wonder where your clothes were made from? where they were made? who made them?This seem to be the question that many people avoid to know or they don't even care to know.Let me break this down...There are very few products are actually have a tagline that says "Made in U.S.A" why? We all knows.As of this week, there are several articles in my reader about the sweatshop garments

Cheong Sam Flora Design

SSE#EA9318 Cheong Sam Flora Design
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RM 45

Material: Quality Silk Cotton

Size S
Shoulder: 33 cm
Length: 94 cm
Waist: 66 cm
Bust: 82 cm

Size M
Shoulder: 34 cm
Length: 96 cm
Waist: 67 cm
Bust: 84 cm

Size L
Shoulder: 35 cm
Length: 98 cm
Waist: 70 cm
Bust: 86 cm

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New Tutorial ** ♥ Arco iris ♥ **By Mil Pinceladas

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Reading Professor Valverde's "Creating Identity, Defining Culture, and Making History" reminded me of something I rarely reveal to others: it's hard for me to connect to Cuban Americans.It should go without saying that Cuban Americans are not a monolithic group. But when compared to other Latino groups - namely, Mexican Americans - Cuban Americans tend to be much more conservative and much more

Hmong speaking through cloth

I'm typing this from A friends iPhone because my internet is down and has been for the whole day. So pleAse bear with me here. Okay so ever since Ive been a student at uc davis I have met quite a few Hmong students and can honestly say that I knew absolutely nothing about their culture or history whatsoever. Taking a couple Asa classes before I have to say with the large Hmong population in

Unlearning "U.S. History" to and learning true History, Stephen Dimal Blog #4

This summer I taught at a program called Breakthrough Sacramento, which is a summer program in Sacramento where high school students and college students get to teach upcoming 7th and 8th graders from underserved communities in the greater Sacramento area. The community which made up the largest chunk of the population we taught this summer was the Hmong community. Not many people know this but

Blog #4 - San Francisco and Anti-communism

Now in this week with me, Eric and the continued exploration of Fashion, I decided to try something new, instead of the usually rambling/discussion about the readings I went to San Francisco Chinatown, the tourist one and look around at the clothing stores. Several Things I noticed in Chinatown is that it is one place with a weird conglomeration of styles from traditional influences to more

Week 4 Blog. Ethnic Minority Dress in Highlands of Vietnam

The ethnic minority groups in the Northern section of Vietnam have been subjugated to discrimination since before colonial times. Usually depicted as barbarians, these groups have historically been seen as the bottom rung of society. While their dialect is somewhat similar to that of the lower regions of Vietnam, their dress is what primarily separates them from the rest. There are historical
The incident in Valverde's piece in which the Vietnamese-Americans protested Nguoi Viet Daily newspaper because they ran an article on Huynh Chau’s art installation is a rather familiar one for me. The familiar feeling lies not in having read the article personally but remembering my parents talk about it. I can’t recall the exact details but I do remember my parents saying something about a

Just another MINORITY

Speaking through Cloth: Teaching Hmong History and Culture through Textile Art discuss, address, and educate readers about the under-recognized minority ethnic group of Hmong American. I admit, I knew very little about Hmong history, culture and the event that led to their migration. But ever since I came to Davis, I have met and made a few Hmong friends. From them I have learn to be more aware

The Arts of Traditions and Culture

The saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words" is true. The above picture shows a story of the Hmong people and how they lived in the past. To be honest, when I first came to Davis, I had no idea what Hmong meant. I actually didn't even know there was a nationality called Hmong, I always perceived it as Mongol, not Hmong. It wasn't until my freshman year here in Davis did I find out who

Race/Ethnicity and Textiles

Who would have thought that history and culture can be passed down through a textile art. According to Ava L. McCall in "Speaking through Cloth: Teaching Hmong History and Culture through Textile Art," "Hmong women's voices and perspectives on history and culture is conveyed through the paj ntaub" (230). It is amazing how the intricate embroideries on the story cloth can explain the everyday
McCall’s article, "Speaking through Cloth..." was interesting as she ties Hmong clothing with their history and culture. McCall states that in learning about different cultures, we must include their history, culture, and finding resources that provide many voices and perspectives (230). It is important to understand how certain dresses come to be in different cultures. For the Hmong, the

Preserving Culture Through Paj Ntaub

The Hmong have been a group of people that has been through endless oppression and hardship. Yet, they have been able to keep their culture, experiences, and stories alive through the textile arts of pai ntaub. As a Hmong youth myself, I have grown up watching my mother and grandmother work on their paj ntaub. However, I never understood the importance of paj ntaub until I found out that paj

Breaking Through Labels

After reading “Speaking through Cloth: Teaching Hmong History and Culture through Textile Arts” by Ava McCall, I thought about how it never crossed my mind about who the Hmong people were and the rich culture and history that they have. In fact, it wasn’t until high school that I knew anything about Hmong people until I befriended a Hmong American person in one of my classes. This got me thinking

Vietnamese people

If fashion is about identity, then what does it say about Vietnamese people? Well according to this article and the one written by professor Valverde, Vietnamese people are akin to people suffering split personality disorder, but are indeed the same person. Split in that you can view them as two separate people. One being Vietnamese, and the other Vietnamese American. The news article by Jolie

Politcal and Social Movements in Fashion

Trend or A Political/Social Movement?After reading Valverde's article, I was thinking about the Vietnamese in how she was creating clothing for her cause in frustration and speaking of her opinion. Then I pin pointed my thoughts with the United States and their movements, such as the campaigning for Barack Obama people when he was running for president last year. I always felt that people are

Wave Design Top

SSE#EBC011 Wave Design Top
Color: Pink (out of stock)/White/Black
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Hooded Long Top

SSE#EB9338 Hooded Long Top
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Cheong Sam Flora Design

SSE#EA9288 Cheong Sam Flora Design
Color: Blue/Red
Size: S,M, L
RM 45

Material: Quality Silk Cotton

Size: S
Shoulder: 33 cm
Waist: 66 cm
Length: 94 cm
Bust: 82 cm

Size: M 
Shoulder: 34 cm
Waist: 67 cm
Length: 96 cm
Bust: 84 cm

Size: L Shoulder:35cm

Two Piece Wear Top

SSE#EB9306 Two Piece Wear Top
Color: Black/Blue
RM 28

Material: Cotton
Outer : Shoulder:33cm Length:45cm Bust:76cm
Inner : Length:55cm Bust:76cm 

Two Piece Cardigan with Inner Top

SSE#EB9290 Two Piece Cardigan With Inner Top
Color: Black/Brown/Red
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Round Neck Top with Chiffon Lace

SSE#EB9032 Round Neck Top With Chiffon Lace
Color: White / Grey / Yellow
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Checkers Shirt

SSE#EB8086 Checkers Shirt
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Sexy Three Quarter Top

SSE#EB8066 Sexy Three Quarter Top
Color: White/Pink Black/Blue/Red
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Off Shoulder Loose Sleeve Knitwear Top

SSE#EB6206 Off Shoulder Loose Sleeve Knitwear Top
Color: Almond/Black/Purple & Grey- (out of stock)
RM 30

size: free size
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Flexibility : Strong
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