Sunday, May 31, 2009

Going out of Business Sale

In the past couple of days, I have faced the temptation of buying t-shirts and other articles of clothing. The reason why it's such a hard decision is because it's at a discounted rate. Not just any discounted rate, such as 20% or even 35%, I'm talking about 50%-75% off with free shipping. Now I know that this consumer challenge asks that I do not buy merchandise and fight the urges of


WEEK 10! Whats up to all the graduating students this quarter.Its the last weak of the compact/anticonsumerism challenge and I am at quite an end. I must say that though everything looks very appealing, I am a college student and have little to spend on such luxuries. Most goes to food alcohol or other. I decided however, that I have observed the majority of the challenge without making a

First Step to Stepping out to the real world

I, like many of my peers, am graduating from UC Davis. Out in the professional world, one needs the proper clothing to succeed in interviews and corporate America in general. This type of dress, for males like myself, comes in the form of a suit. The only problem with dressing professionally is that suits are quite a monetary investment. This poses a difficulty for many who graduate and head

Why did you buy that?

As I read this weeks reading, while on a short family road trip to San Francisco this weekend, I set myself on a mission to pay close attention to the consumers at the San Francisco Centre Westfield Mall. I particularly wanted to focus on what consumers were buying and why consumers were purchasing certain products (was it because it’s currently in style or because it fit the individuals own

Gimme More!

In today's age, nothing is ever enough. We always want more; more shoes, more clothes, more money, more everything! We have all heard that more is not always better but it does not always resonate when have to have something. The key is minimizing, reducing clutter can be the first step to a simpler and less stressful life. For someone, like myself, who has had a difficult time controlling

Tattoos: Reflective of Me or The Media?

After going to John Mayer's concert last July of 2008 in San Jose, my respect level for him as a guitarist increased exponentially. I was in deep awe of his ability to play the guitar while it was rested on the floor and he was kneeling over it. But beyond his guitar playing, the one other thing that really struck me was his tattoos - specifically the one on his right forearm. There was something

What can we do?

Consumerism, It’s everywhere, whether we like it or not. Imagine a world where we live in a safe pleasant and an unpolluted environment. And we actually know our neighbors and are able to interact with each other, be it a small town, the suburban area or even a city neighborhood. That sounds far fetched as of right now, but if we change our ways of living, there may be a day where changes can be

Too Much Mom!Too Much!

Like many of you this weekend, I made a visit to my parents’ place. Since it is a week before finals, I decided to go home for a chance to relax before jumping into a week of coffee, sleepless nights, and nonstop studying. Most of my friends told me that the first question their parents would ask them when they come home is: have you eaten yet? In my case, it’s a little different. My mom still

A Threadless Streetwear, Maybe?

While the article about streetwear by Jessica Pallay was short but it provided just enough information for anyone not in-the-know to be curious and to have a general sense of what it is all about. And what does Threadless have anything to do with this? Maybe it's just me but when I started reading the article, Threadless immediately came to my mind.T-shirts from freshjive Spring 09

Fashion Recession or Idea Recession?

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American Apparel: Moving Forward

As the quarter draws to a close, so does the compact challenge that Professor Valverde suggested we try out. Even though I haven’t been consciously focusing on the challenge every day, I have found that my habits of consumption have improved greatly; I think I only purchased a couple of items of clothing this quarter and an iPod case, and I’m pretty proud of that. I have been doing some serious

New Tutorial ****My Graduation*** By Mariel

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New Tutorial **Little Graduate** By KJ

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EBay: An Institutionalized System

This week's reading in Fashionology, we looked at how fashion can be understood as an institutionalized system that can be studied empirically wherein all individuals involved from the designer to the manufacturer to the consumer perpetuate the ideology of fashion (Kawamura, 39). In the chapter she explores not only her own understanding of the fashion instution but also those of many other

Saturday, May 30, 2009


After I read Kawamura’s article, I started thinking about fashion as an institutional system. Specifically, I started thinking about my fashion choices and the conventions that dictate the worth of my clothes and the context in which my clothes are worn.“Fashion, as an institution, produces hierarchy among all makers of clothes by adding social, economic, cultural, and symbolic capital to

For Others or For You?

I took the weekend off and flew down to San Diego to spend some time with my best friends. As I am staying in my friend's apartment, she was packing some of her clothes for me to bring back to the Bay Area in preparation for her move back. She comes out of the room with a pair of heels that she says she only wore once. I asked why she only wore it once and she told me that these heels hurt too

Compact Challenge and Boring Clothes

This is officially my 4th week of participating in the compact challenge, and to my surprise, I can’t wait for it to end. As I had mentioned in the very beginning of Valverde’s class, I have not bought new clothes for almost 2 years. This abstinence from purchasing new clothes was not hard in my opinion, because for the most part, I had this notion that college kids have the right to look

Deep Dark Secret: Storage Units

My grandfather unfortunately passed away in 1998, and more than ten years later we have a few key items from his lifetime of consuming, and he did not consume that much in all reality compared to my mother or I today. When both of my grandparents on my mother’s side had passed away, all of their items became ours, including furniture, books, kitchen items, clothing, music, and other normal

Hip Hop Consumerism

The last Hip Hop video we watch in class really put a spin on the hip hop lifestyle I am somewhat familiar with. No, I have never really listened to rap, even though I make an earnest attempt to freestyle with my friends. And I've never really attempted to immerse myself within the culture as a poser. At the same time however, the hip hop culture has a certain allure to it; it is rebellious, it


I was just kidding about the title to this blog. (Or was I?) Anyhow…I had the chance to spend some quality time with my cousin yesterday. When he arrived at my house to pick me up, the first thing that I noticed was that he was all decked out in new LA Lakers apparel as well as a Nike headband and shoes. I knew that game six between the Lakers and the Nuggets was going to be held later in the

Friday, May 29, 2009

Japanese Street Fashion and Influences

This week I wanted to talk about what we discussed last week. Last week we discussed alot about the Japanese fashion culture, such as "Kawaii" and the Lolita complex trend in Japan. However, in this blog, I want to focus on Japanese Street Fashion.As we all know, Japan has been one of the rising nations in the world when it comes to fashion. In Yuniya Kawamura's piece of "Japanese Teens as

Old Tires to New Shoes

Old tires, coconut, carpet padding, and cork. These are things that you would just use and then throw away once they get old or worn out. But that is not the case when it comes to this shoe company, Simple. Instead of wasting things that still can still be used in a somewhat non-conventional form, this company has found a great way to create shoes and other products that are environmentally

Giving New Life to Old Clothes

I think it’s interesting how anti-consumerism seems to exist to spite the institution of fashion. In our class we learn all about the fashion system and how much a part of our lives it is. Then we are asked to turn around and basically remove it from our lives. As a bunch of students that decided to take an Asian American Fashion class, you would imagine that most of us are fashion-followers.

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Nordstrom Kids' Clothes

Nordstrom Kids' Clothes

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Scrap Ptu***My graduation**

Ya viene ese gran dia...que ansioso esperas
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My graduation
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black & white

I've had this picture saved on my harddrive for quite a while now and I still find it as inspiring as when I first saw it...and I still haven't been able to re-create the look for myself. I guess it's just not a very good look for a girl with curves >.< It makes me look fat haha. But I'm just so in love with the shape of this outfit and the clear seperation of black and white...<3

I know I only just got back from Dublin but I am already leaving again for my next little short-trip. My 3 sisters and I are heading to Budapest for the long weekend. Have fun lovelies and enjoy yourselfs!

just arrived: Danny Roberts shirt

Today I got my Borders&Frontiers tee by Danny Roberts from Igor & André in the post! It's really pretty, I cannot wait to wear it.

accessoires bought in Dublin

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that's SO not in anymore...says who?

In one of this week’s article, "Fashion as an Institutionalized System," by Yuniya Kawamura, I realized something about how my compact challenge has been going. Every season we see the "in" styles, but who defines what is in style and what is out of style? The answer is simple: us. We define what is "in" style by the clothes we buy or the clothes other people buy. Fashion experts seek to be the

Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm back

Ireland was wonderful! I had such a great time and took tons of pictures of the beautiful landscape there. I don't really have anything fashion wise to post from the past week as I mostly walked around in jeans, t-shirt and a rain coat due to the weather there =P I did sqeeze in a little shopping at the end of my trip but didn't really have time to visit too many stores and ended up buying a simple pair of black leather flats.

The nature in Ireland really is breathtaking..if you ever get the chance to visit, do it! ;)

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Sunday, May 24, 2009


I don’t know about everyone else. But the last two days have been hell for me. I spent the majority of Saturday and especially today working on the research paper. I am really glad to finally have the paper out of the way. On another hand, I am also glad that I am almost done with the challenge. It’s my fifth week into the challenge, which means that I only have one more week to go. Yay, me!

MAKEUP PACKAGING WASTE: how to MAKE-OVER wasteful habits!

Did you know that Women tend to have about about 12 cosmetic products in theirvanities? (according to an April 2008 survey commissioned by O.B. Tampons).With 112,804,773 women over 20 years old living in the U.S., most of this packaging is being thrown away. According to the EPA, approximately 1/3 of landfill waste is from plastic packaging from items such as cosmetics. (for more info please

Fly Kicks, How Much?

This past week has provided a great release from the consumer pressures of society since its focus was main on our research project that was due today. Now that the stress of that paper is now behind me, I can now direct my attention to this challenge and reflect on my thoughts on consumerism.As I continue to participate on this compact challenge, I noticed that I find it easier to consumer less

Splatter Speaks for Individuality?

In the process of finishing up my research paper, one of the things I began realizing is that much of the reason behind the extravagant paint work that is portrayed on Japanese denim is merely for individuality. Although in our culture, seeing paint splatter and arbitrary images scattered along the leggings of jeans seem messy and unappealing, it is one of the few remaining ways on how urban

Green Capitalism

Consumerism has taken many forms. I'd like to think that anti-consumerism can stay that way but it certainly seems like corporations are able to put a twist and exploit anything. Take the eco-chic movement for example. I was watching Zoolander the other day and weas watching the scene where models are dressed up in garbage. The scene itself is pretty hilarious; Blue Steel Has nothing on me.

Emotional Graduation or Emotional Consumption

I am sure most, if not all of us have attended a graduation before. So try and recall that feeling you had walking into yours or a close friend’s graduation ceremony. Did you get really emotional seeing all the people and the excitement around you? As if you are overwhelmed with emotions and can not hold it in for long? Yup that’s the feeling I experienced today…but it wasn’t really for the

Fashionable to the Fingertips

It's a style because they [White] wear it

Reading Maira's article really intrigued me, especially the section about Indo-chic. While originally, henna is a "practice done by and for women, particularly for wedding ceremonies in South Asia..." it completely loses its meaning when appropriated by the Western cultural consumpotion (Maira 342). Merely two decades ago, South Asian community was still threatened by racist violence, namely the

A Bright Idea

Harajuku Lovers

I was able to go on a long drive down to Sunnyvale today to enjoy good food and company.  After lunch and frozen yogurt, we decided to go shopping in the area, Valley Fair mall.  I was looking around for a present for my friend since his birthday is this Friday.  While shopping around Macy's I ran into the Harajuku Lovers fragrance. When Gwen Stefani first launched this collection, I bought one

Coming up shorts

As I was going through Kawamura's Fashion-ology for the research paper, I read a statement in the book that had a resounding message, " requires both a certain degree of mobility and fluidity within a society and promotes a more egalitarian..." (24). Thinking about this statement I began to see how true it is in our society. Consider a workplace environment, in my internship, we are

Trashy Flashy

Biking For the Win

Exclusive! Get them while they're hot!

Anyone who’s walked down Haight Street in San Francisco (or any other trendy shopping hub for that matter) cannot help but notice the numerous display windows showcasing the latest streetwear trends. These boutiques carry some of the most exclusive streetwear brands within their walls. What makes these brands so appealing to youth these days? According to Jessica Pallay’s interviews with

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Reuse Fashion. Like Beer Pong.

On Friday night, I celebrated my friends birthday at her place. We didn't do much, except do the college thing. Yes, the college thing. So, while everyone was having fun, I was watching my friends play beer pong. For those who don't know what that is, it is a drinking game consisting of 10 cups and a few ping pong balls. All you have to do is throw the ping pong ball in one of the 10 cups on the

Islamic Fashions

Muslims as a group make up 21% of the world's population. It is the second largest world religion (Christianity being first). As we learned with Kawamura's "Adoption and Consumption of Fashion" chapter, "fashion has been diffused throughout the global community". After the "consumer revolution", fashion began to market itself to the masses rather than simply the upper class elite. I'd like to

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Canneries and Sweatshops more similar than expected

While rereading the article “Politicizing Motherhood Chinese Garment Workers’ Campaign for Daycare Centers in New York City, 1977-1982” written by Xiaolan Bao, for Professor Kim’s ASA 100 class, I was reminded of the article “Santa’s Sweatshop: In a global economy, it’s hard to know who made your gift—and under what conditions.” As I thought about both articles I began to contemplate what my

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Filmtastic Fashion

The Compact Challenge: A New Chance at Life

So this week I had a set back as I went to the Dollar-Tree for the first time in what seems like forever in order to pick up some poster board for a group project. Unfortunately, while my group and I were there, I was drawn away from purchasing the necessary items for the project by much more entertaining items like a butterfly catcher, which I bought along with some rhinestones which I have no

Red Monkey jeans Clothes

Red Monkey jeans Clothes

Fashion Monkey's Jeans

Fashion Monkey's Jeans

Un regalito de mi amiga Arwen

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Consumerism: Consumption?

As we go onto our eighth week of class, I begin to wonder can a population so large make a difference to change the world? My answer to this would simply be yes. I believe we can make a difference; though it may not be drastic changes, baby steps would be enough. As I explore into the world of consumerism, I find that consumerism isn’t just about consuming clothing and the clothing industries

Friday, May 22, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

(Picture courtesy of

Kawaii for a price

I will admit that I have not fully gotten over my kawaii stage.... and I'm almost 20. But after reading "Cuties in Japan" by Sharon Kinsella, I don't feel so awkward anymore. I have associated concept of kawaii with being youthful and very innocent (which is true) but I also thought that kawaii was exclusive to pre-teens and teenagers. However, according to Kinsella "71 percent of young people

Men's Fashion Jeans

Men's Fashion Jeans

Fashion Jeans Gallery

Fashion Jeans Gallery

New Tutorial ** Vacacionando**By Anna

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lolita Complex and Harajuku

So in class today, we were discussing the fashion on Lolita. The whole time we were discussing it, I kept on wondering why it was popular. Especially when I found out there was a book called Lolita that talked about a man that basically molested a little girl for years. The fashion basically sparked from the book, at least thats what I believe. To me this fashion never lost its meaning.

Because the Power of the People Don't Stop

Through the various texts, videos and discussions held over this past week, one theme prevailed. While it is we who consume the latest and greatest fashion, we also have the power to ensemble, produce and diffuse the last fashion trends. While the concept of a bubble influence is nothing new to this class, when one contemplates what is going on right now on the streets, it is certain that the

Wholesale Man Style Winter Clothes

Wholesale Man Style Winter Clothes

AF man's winter clothes

AF man's winter clothes
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