Thursday, April 30, 2009

My first instinct upon hearing about the compact challenge was to clean out my closet and pick out the clothes that I don’t wear anymore. I picked out several items of clothing and I started designing my first top. After several failed attempts at stitching and draping, I decided to rip the whole project apart and use the material to make a bag and a belt instead. The top wasn’t

New Tutorial ** Dark Love** By Mariel

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lululemon’s “Seaweed” Clothing

I officially started the Compact Challenge today! As part of the process, I decided to clean out my closet. I wanted to get rid of duplicate items.What I have too many of are scarves. I love scarf because they come in so many shapes, patterns, and colors. I especially went too far with the purchasing of scarf in China during my study in Shanghai. I bought each scarf for a little over a dollar.

"Out of Africa" Appropriation

Lady Gaga "Fashion"

while i was writing a paper i was listening to me itunes. Lady Gaga's song fashion came on and it immediately reminded me of this class and the reading that i just did. it reminded me of the while diffusional theory (kawamura). the whole song was about the diffusion on fashion. part of the lyrics was:I need, some new stilettosCan't walk, down the street in thoseYou are, who you wear it's trueA

New Tutorial ** Twilight Love ** By KJ

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yay or nay?

I'm eying a pair of those on Ebay but I'm not really sure...they could be a little over the top :/ What do you think, yay or nay?

Jessica Simpson 'Lopez' boots

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Scrap PTU **Gothic Night**

Estos dias lei el libro de Crepusculo
me encanto
y me inspiro un poco para realizar este trabajo
Asi que aqui tienes mi nuevo scrap PTU
**Gothic Night**
En dos Presentaciones
Full Size
15 Papeles 3600 x 3600 *Jpg
105 Elements *Png included Bow, Lace, Framer, Poser and more
Go to Store and Buy

New Award ** El Duende de Chirlyboom**

Este bello Award es un regalito de Mariel
Muchas gracias amiga tu tambien eres muy especial para mi

El texto original dice así:
Hola a todos los duendes,trasnos,elfos,hadas,ninfas,y demás seres mágicos,de agua,luz,tierra y aire…….del planeta………os quiero a todos,por eso he decidido crear este premio,mi premio para tod@s vosotr@s………..a muchas ya os conozco y le habeis dado un vuelquecito al corazón del duende…a otras sé que os conoceré tarde o temprano………no tengo prisa en la vida,quiero vivirla y disfrutarla….y me encantaría compartir mi duende con tod@s……el duende de Chirlyboom.
Yo lo otorgo a todas mis amigas y amigos que visitan mi blog
y me dan su magia diariamente con sus lindos comentarios
Rose Aka Touch Me

You've seen my secret garden where all of my flowers grow...

blazer & blouse - Zara; pants - Cheap Monday; boots - Vagabond; ring - Sportsgirl from Brisbane

Monday, April 27, 2009


My boyfriend just introduced me to this band and I'm already head over heels in love with their music. Check out 'Tokyo'... I haven't been able to get this song out of my head all weekend ^o^. Plus the video is really cool and makes me miss Tokyo so much...<3


Since I have first heard of the Compact Challenge, I have found it very hard to not want to buy things that I see in stores. I have, however, realized how many different things I buy that I don’t actually need. Whether it’s shoes, clothes, or whatever, I realize that I have become addicted to shopping. However, when I heard about the Compact Challenge, I realized that what it was saying was

spring in Tokyo

from drop snap

bling bling

I recently got this vintage rhinestone necklace:

I'm planning to hunt down more of those and wear them all at once over a washed out shirt or something very minimalistic. I love the idea of mixing lots of bling-y necklaces to create a chucky mess around my neck ^o^ Wish me luck on finding more of these beauties!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Paradox of Nike *sigh*

What Price Glory?As the clock strikes past another hour, I realize that I am still sitting in front of the computer wondering what I can write about. Then I finally understand what I could do. After looking through a fellow classmate's blog entry, it occurred to me that within the compact challenge there lies a paradox. The so-called paradox stems from me being a sneakhead of the worst kind.

Alternatives for Obtaining "Designer" Clothing

When I first heard about this compact challenge on the first day of class, I realized that this would be impossible for me. I am probably the biggest culprit to this consumption society we live in. I can admit I go to the mall every single weekend. The least I would spend is about $50 each time. Shopping is a hobby of mines, and a damn expensive one to say the least. So after hearing about this

Nike Considers Going Green?

When it comes to consumer culture, Nike is notoriously known as its strongest catalyst. You can't help but think of sweat shops, money, and big business when talking about the popular athletic brand. I'll admit that I'm guilty of owning a number of Nike jerseys and sneakers, myself. However, in 2008, Nike has made strides toward becoming more socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

Dictating the Masses

Modern consumerism is often based on corporate decision making. Large businesses are able to fashion styles and thus dictate fashion trends. However these businesses also have the power to influence areas other than the clothing industry. Take for example Abercrombie and Fitch. It certainly has a sense of "trendiness" about their apparel, appealing to the younger generation. It also seems to

How to be sustainable AND fashionable!

In celebration of last week's Earth Day, I've decided to blog about Eco-Fashion! Currently, the most prominent topics in sustainability seem to be issues surrounding plastic consumption: water bottles, trash, grocery bags etc. However, during the compact challenge have you ever given your clothing consumption a thought?Now many people donate their used/unwanted clothing to charities such as "

Conscious Fashionistas

A couple weeks ago my friend Aldwyn planned a surprise birthday outing for our friend Golda. He brought us to this trendy coffee shop called "Coffee Shop." At Coffee Shop, a group of four women were showing a collection of clothing they had rummaged through at thrift stores and were re-selling them. If you look in the bottom right corner of the picture, you can see the racks of clothes. They call

Barbie to Guzz-me

I know this sounds very egotistical, but I'm going to admit right off the bat that I'm a pretty good consumer. It sounds bad, and I know there are a lot of thriftier and better consumers than me, but I'm proud of my spending habits. My biggest splurge to date would probably be my 100 dollar haircut for when I lobbed off 17 inches for charity, I had a pretty good paycheck back then and it felt

un lindo premio ***Compartir***

Uy que lindo ha emocionao mucho
me lo ha regalado mi amix
muchas gracias preciosa

New Award ** Blog Mágico**

Este premio lo he recibido de una chica genial
y excelente amiga
Gracias preciosa por tu amistad y por tenerme siempre presente en tu vida
Y bien ahora la reglas :
Poner el nombre y link de quien te otorgo este premio
y pasarlo a 10 blogs los cuales pienso yo que son magicos

1.- Dee Su trabajo es magico....pero su amistad brilla por si sola.
2.- Mluz Magia te da sin ningun interes..... y que decir de su trabajo....simplemente hechizante.
3.- Mariel una gran amiga .....y sus tutoriales son magicos
4.- Calypso su trabajo es genial......tiene su toque magico
5.- Ruth Que mejor magia que crear scripts y los de Sirena mala son brillantes
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8.- Gabriel Empieza a darnos sus pequeños chispas de genial
9.- Tracey Es una chica genial y su layouts son magicas
10.- Loly Simplemente es magico su trabajo y su persona

in full bloom

Another outfit I wore in Copenhagen.

Blazer from Hanjiro, Tokyo; lace shorts from Sydney; white tee Gina Tricot; biker boots Vagabond; Jacket Zara

^ I had to wear it with a scarf and jacket in the morning as it was still quite chilly in Copenhagen.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gleam with Jeans or Shift to Thrift?

Ok, let's be real. My initial thought when hearing about the compact challenge was, well - screw that. I wasn't going to give up my consumption habits for a 10 week course that would probably not have a major impact on me after the final exam. So, being the sometimes stubborn person that I am, I went out that following day to Sacramento's Nordstrom Rack to pick up a pair of Rock and Republic

Anything but clothes

Why do we celebrate Earth day? It only happens every April 22 and then passes without us even realizing it. Although the day sound trivial, I think we could have made it more entertaining and fun. I recall Earth Day 2009, I was on the bus and I saw a pretty dress made out of.... trash bags and candy wrappers? Even though I could not take a picture of it (unfortunately) it was beautifully designed

A Persistent Compulsion

Professor Valverde suggested that we try taking part in the compact challenge, or at least thinking about how it affects us. It involves the practice of not buying anything new, with respect to clothes, furniture, etc. If we need to buy something, the idea of the challenge is to buy it secondhand. I thought, “Why not? I’ll try the challenge. It can’t be so bad.” Little did I realize how often it

A New Way to Enjoy Vitamin Water

Friday, April 24, 2009

Where Did You Come From?

So last night I showed up at one of my weekly dance practice in an American Eagle striped blue long sleeve button down shirt and a tailor made black trousers/slack. Excuse my descriptive details but I feel it's needed since we're in a fashion class and have been discussing the idea of fashion and identity for the past few weeks. This is not, however, in any way how I "brand" myself. Nonetheless,

crimped hair

Somehow I'm finding myself strangely fascinated by crimped hair after watching the Karl Lagerfeld Fall09 show again. I'm drawn between loving and hating this I'd love to try it though.

Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2009 RTW via

shopping in copenhagen

grey bustier top, pink baloon skirt, striped tights, collar, Manga tote bag


pale pink dress

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Unnecessary Baggage

Paper or plastic? Well if you asked me six hours ago, I would have said, “Plastic please.” But since I have officially started the Compact Challenge, my new answer is, “Neither.” Part of the Compact Challenge is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. And after looking at several websites, it can clearly be seen that plastic and paper shopping bags are quintessential counters to the ideal goals of this

New Tutorial ** Viva Mexico ** By Mariel

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New Tutorial ** Love of Spring ** By Danielle

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

back from Copenhagen

Zara belt, H&M Trend skirt, Vero Moda knit, Shoplush bag

Copenhagen was wonderful, I spent 4 wonderful days there just exploring the city and taking in all the beautiful sights. Thanks again for the great tipps on where to go, I did lots of the things you recommended (I are a burger at Halifax, enjoyed the nightlife in Kødbyen, drank something at Laundromat...). I also did some shopping, I'll show you my buys later.

Fashion or Garbage Moguls?

Don't Consume, But when you do be a Garbage Mogul

In Fashion-ology, Kawamura explains the origins of fashion as he tells how it began with the "institutionalization of exclusive custom-made clothes known as Haute Couture" and how "the fashion industry is not simply concerned with the production of adequate or pleasant clothing but is concerned with the production of new stylistic innovations that satisfy the image of fashion" (Kawamura 45). All

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easy or hard?

When this whole compact challenge was introduced in class, i thought it was going to be easy. but i must say not shopping for stuff is going to be hard for me. even though i am a broke college student i just cant help but spend money. i would rather buy something new than something old, that may seem excessive but that's the way that i was raised. my mom didn't like second hand things

New Tutorial ** Mexican Party ** By Mil Pinceladas

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Mil Pinceladas
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New Tutorial ** Spring is here ** By Ibanaro

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New Tutorial ** Viva Mexico ** By KJ

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New Award ** Blog Oro**

Este Magnifico premio me lo ha otorgado mi amix
no dejes de visitar su blog y ver su gran trabajo
Ahora yo paso este premio a 5 blogs magnificos

New Award ** I`ve been tag**

He recibido este nuevo Award otorgado por mis amigas


Muchas gracias chicas por este premio y pensar en mi para ello
me encanta que se acuerden de mi.
Seguir las siguientes reglas:

8 Cosas que espero lograr:
1.- Ver cada dia un nuevo amanecer
2.- Ver crecer con salud a mis hijas
3.- Poder llegar hasta el final con mi esposo
4.-Poder seguir creando Scraps
5.-Seguir viendo a mi amigas
7.-Poder viajar a mi pais
8.- Disfrutar cada segundo de la vida

8 cosas que hice ayer
1.- Viajar a Malaga
2.- Comer Pescado
3.- caminar por el mar
4.- jugar en el parque con mi hija
5.- comprar unos vestidos a mi hija
6.- leer un libro
7.- comprar bizcochos
8.- domir tarde

8 Cosas que me gustaria algun dia hacer
1.- viajar por todo el mundo
2.- dominar el idioma ingles
3.- Poder volver a ver a mis abuelos
4.- Estar con mis 4 mejores amigas
5.- Ver a mi familia toda reunida
6.- Volver a tener 25 años
7.- Poder estar en mi pais y en donde vivo en cuestion de minutos
8.- arreglar algunos problemas

8 programas de TV que veo:
1.- CSI Las Vegas
2.-CSI Miami
3.- CSI New York
4.- Entre Fantasmas
5.- Dr House
6.- Ley y Orden Victimas Especiales
7.- Ley y Orden
8.- Caso Abierto

8 Magnificos blogs que otorgo este Award
1.- Dee
2.- Karla
3.- Canela
4.- Aisha
5.- Mariel
6.- Paci
7.- Noe
8.- Katia

Monday, April 20, 2009

Repurposing: First New Post for Spring 2009 (sample)

Here we go again. Last year, along with my fashion class students, I participated in the "compact challenge." I learned then that I am a wasteful individual and it was a much welcome lifestyle change that followed. Since then, when I decide I need to purchase something, I first think of or one of the other sites that sell used items. I also stepped up garage sale shopping. These

Sunday, April 19, 2009

CLU Henley Tank Top in White Clothes

CLU Henley Tank Top in White Clothes
CLU began humbly. Having moved to Los Angeles, the duo immediately began sewing away, creating a collection that reflected the laid-back, easy-going lifestyle of their new home. Soon after, however, they wanted to take the look to new heights of sophistication and innovation, striving to create haute-couture for the t-shirt. This first collection was presented to Ron Herman, which they bought, to a very enthusiastic response. Everyone is starting to catch on to them, both in and outside the industry—they’re no longer an insider’s secret. CLU can now be found hanging next to such high-end designer collections as Rochas, Comme des Garcons, and Balenciaga. CLU is hardly your traditional t-shirt.

CLU Mini Tank Clothes

CLU Mini Tank Clothes
Got a clue that ultra-modern fashion forms could offer the pinnacle of sumptuous comfort Well absolutely.100 cottonbrContrast 100 silk. Front contrast panel. Draped front panel.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

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